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An HM Government programme delivered in partnership with SANS

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Introduction to Upskill in Cyber

Cyber security is rapidly becoming a global priority for governments and businesses. Even though the UK has a world-class cyber security sector, there is still a significant shortage of skilled cyber security professionals. Currently, there are 3.5 million security jobs unfilled worldwide.

SANS, in partnership with HM Government, launched Upskill in Cyber. The programme is funded by HM Government and delivered at no cost to candidates. Upskill in Cyber aims to identify and rapidly reskill individuals for roles in cyber security, in just ten weeks. 

200 students are undertaking two SANS training courses. In addition, they are participating in soft skills development to ensure they are immediately deployable within the cyber security workforce. Successful graduates will complete the programme with two GIAC certifications – GFACT and GSEC. 

SANS Retraining Programmes are “like the Harvard Business School for cyber –
you know the graduates are going in based on their aptitude, and will be going through the best training possible"

Jim Fox
Head of Cyber Development at e2e-assure

What to expect from Upskill in Cyber

The Upskill in Cyber Programme aims to meet the widening demand for skilled cyber security practitioners. Through intensive training, the Upskill in Cyber Programme creates GIAC certified professionals, ready to be deployed into junior cyber security roles in
just 10 weeks.

Upskill in Cyber is designed for people new to cyber security. It prepares them for security roles by introducing them to basic cyber security principles. Our students are taught using material from SANS’ training courses, through real-life, practical simulations and team exercises. The programme culminates in two industry-recognised certifications: Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC); regarded as highly valuable for any practitioner entering the field of cyber security. 

GIAC was founded in 1999 to validate the skills of information security professionals. The purpose of GIAC is to provide assurance that a certified individual has the knowledge and skills necessary for a practitioner in key areas of computer, information, and software security.

The training programme is fully funded and will take place online, beginning 4th July 2022, and ending on 9th September 2022. Throughout the training programme, students will receive support to aide in their transition into employment. 

Employers will also engage with the students during training, through Careers Fairs and employer-hosted evenings, with the aim of developing skills and improving employability. 

Previous SANS Retraining Programmes

Cyber Academy 2015

Cyber Academy 2015

Candidates selected for the SANS Cyber Academy 2015 programme in the UK, represented a broad range of backgrounds, age groups and career histories. Cyber Academy 2015 graduates have secured excellent roles across several different security disciplines, including digital forensics, penetration testing, security research and product security testing, with such renowned organisations as NATO, Airbus, Raytheon and GE Aviation.

“Cyber Academy is the greatest opportunity I’ve ever had in my life.”

- Cyber Academy Graduate

Cyber Retraining Academy 2017

Cyber Retraining Academy 2017

The cyber security retraining programme ran from January to March 2017 in the UK, with 55 students enrolling. On March 31st, 2017, the day that the Academy formally ended, 16 of the graduates had already secured a role within the cyber security profession. As of August 21st, 2017, 38 were employed in the cyber security profession with a further 7 working in other IT roles and putting their security knowledge to good use. 

“The Academy was an excellent opportunity and an experience that I will never forget, the standard of instruction was first class. The entire SANS team was very supportive and genuinely cared about all students and quick to offer a helping hand if needed”. 

- Cyber Retraining Academy Graduate

About SANS Institute

As the global leader in cyber security training, SANS brings knowledge, expertise, credibility and, importantly, experience in delivering national cyber training programmes. 

Founded in 1989, SANS is the largest and most trusted provider of cyber security education in the world - providing high quality training, certifications, scholarship academies, schools programmes, degree programmes, cyber ranges, and resources to meet the needs of every cyber professional and those keen to enter the profession. 

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